Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In death, she gave life to five others

Dear and my sweet friends, Today I read this news in Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/In-death-she-gave-life-to-five-others/articleshow/8329666.cms of Harshita Bahrech.
ven in her death, she gave a new lease of life to at least five persons. Harshita (17), a brilliant student and national-level Table Tennis (TT) player, who suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke, was declared brain dead on April 29 at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. After due consent from her parents, the doctors retrieved her organs — kidneys, liver and corneas — which have now been transplanted into two patients. Her heart valve has been sent to the Organ Retrieval Banking Organisation (ORBO), AIIMS, for preservation. Doctors at SGRH said it was Harshita's parents who took the decision to donate her organs.
"My daughter always wanted to work for a noble cause. Once she had unwittingly expressed the desire to donate her organs in case of a sudden death. We thought we should fulfil her wishes," said Mahender Bahrech, the father of the donor. He said Harshita had given her Class XII board exams and appeared for IIT-JEE exams. She was preparing for AIEEE exams when she fell seriously ill. The doctors did not spare any effort but could not save her.

"She was good at mathematics and wanted to pursue engineering. She endeared herself to one and all. Her death has been a grievous blow but the fact that she could give life to others even in death mitigates the pain," said Bahrech.

Harshita's elder brother Chaitanya, who studies at Delhi College of Engineering, said he was proud of his sister. "We were once watching satsang on TV where a spiritual guru was saying that organs cannot be donated. She was stoutly opposed to it and said one should always donate organs in case of death. I remembered what she had said and supported my family when they were deciding to donate her organs," he said.

According to doctors, the cornea retrieved from Harshita's brain-dead body has been used in two blind patients, and it had positive results. Her liver and kidneys have been transplanted into two other patients. "We could not find a matching recipient for her heart valves at that time. After due consultation with different city hospitals where there is a facility of heart transplant, we decided to send the same to the ORBO for preservation," said Dr Sujoy Shad, senior consultant cardiac surgeon at the hospital.

Dr B K Rao, chairman of SHRM, added that there is an urgent need to promote organ donation and create more facilities to support organ transplant in India.

"At our hospital, we have permission and facilities to do all kinds of transplants but due to a lack of donors, 80% of the patients needing transplant die. There is a need to perform 15,000 liver transplants in India annually, but till date, only 1,600 cases have been addressed," said Dr Harsh Jauhari, transplant surgeon at SGRM and an advisory member of the central government-appointed expert committee which is in the process of framing a new Transplantation of Human Organ and Tissue Bill. "


I salute this very young girl and her parents. And please my dear friends prayer for her soul and her courageous parents. May God bless them...



These Comments are dedicated to dear Lt.Harshita and her parents. And I want to give special thanks to Times of India for this awesome Article. Thank you so much all of you.

Thanks Roshani,

A true Angel upon earth, she lives always! Amazing soul & as well her Beautiful parent who made her wishes come through! Love & Hugs, Henriette


Roshani Sahu said...

Alicia N.(Care2 member)-"PRAYERS to her, she is a beautiful angel R. I P. my sincere condolences to her parents..."

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nice post