Sunday, March 27, 2011

Please No Go for mining-Minister of Coal, Sriprakash Jaiswal

Minister of Coal, Sriprakash Jaiswal, India
Respected Sir,
Please No Go for mining in our remaining forest.
Forest is a large area of land thickly covered with trees and bushes. They play very important role in building the economy of a country. They help to preserve agricultural land from the danger of erosion. Forests are the main source of timber for building and furniture as well as the firewood. Wood pulp is the primary source of raw material for paper industry. They also provide raw material for a number of other industries like sports goods and matches etc. Many kinds of pharmaceuticals, rayon and other useful materials like gums, resin, turpentine oil, are made from the raw material that can be found in forests. The trees also anchor the soil and prevent the winds from blowing the surface soil away. Rivers and streams receive water that flows down from very steep mountain rocks; forests on these slopes restrict the speed which would otherwise produce floods.
Forests keep the environment pleasant because they got moisture from earth through their roots and spread it in the air through their leaves. Decomposed leaves from humus which is the biggest source of soil fertility. They cause rainfall through the process of transpiration.They are the biggest source of oxygen which is essential for animals and plant life on the globe. Increasing green house effect is a growing menace for all sorts of life on the globe. Only forests can fight this danger in a very good manner.Almighty gives us fully developed brain to save our Mother Nature not to destroy. So please don't destroy forest, don't disturb our mother nature for coal. Please don't go for mining.
Thank you so much for giving us your time. God bless you...

Signature and comments of care2 members :-

1. Roshani Sahu Raipur, India No forest means you disturb the balance of our mother
nature.In the time of global warming this is wrong step.
2. Henry and Geri
Livermore, ME
3. Pam Boland Grovetown, GA
4. Dalia Hettfield South Gate, CA
5. Paul Egan Framingham, MA Dear Coal Minister, Sriprakash Jaiswal,/ Please save your
country's remaining forests from ALL mine coaling. Communities depend on these forests, as do wildlife like leopards, elephants, and tigers. We are ALL God's creatures. Please look within your own, good heart. Your kindness shall show you that the forests need to be a No Go for mining./ As you know, Sir, once forests are demolished, they can never be restored to their once-unique state. This need not occur, at all, when you already possess clean and renewable energy options./
There is an enormous amount of support for India's forests. I implore you, once again, dear Sir, to PLEASE help these dependent human beings and wildlife. Every single life IS worth saving!!! / God bless you, always. I thank you so very much for taking time to read my paramount message. May you have a blessed day. /Most Respectfully, Mr. Paul Egan. /
6. Nico Sandman Apeldoorn,Netherlands
7. Pamylle Greinke Peconic, NY
8. pamela kirkham Gananoque, Canada
9. Bettina Lorenz Rhede, Germany
10. Sergey Davidoff Moscow, Russian Federation
11. Henriette Matthijssen Boyle, Canada
12. Apolonia Pi Gdansk, Poland
13. Dusty Debandi Greensboro, NC
14. Nyack Clancy Manhattan, NY
15. Cathala Corine Pierrelatte, France
16. Annie Dillon Scotland, United Kingdom
17. Patricia Cannell Winnipeg, Canada
18. Klara Bruemmer Geldern, Germany
19. Ursula Wolff Schaan, Germany
20. Eckart Freihoeffer Bayreuth, Germany
21. Lisa Adams New Orleans, LA
22. Val Rose Pueblo, CO
23. Beverley Phillips Chamonix Mont
Blanc, France
24. Aleksander
Krsko, Slovenia
25. Anna Borsey Eastbourne, United Kingdom We desperately NEED the remaining forests of the world! It is absolute MADNESS to destroy more forests! The day we no longer have any forests left, that is the Day we will all die!!! Trees and other green plants such as grass convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates during photosynthesis, releasing oxygen in the process, and are thus absolutely VITAL for ALL living creatures - also, the forests are the home of a plethora of wild animals, birds, insects etc!
26. elizabeth findlay Tenbury Wells,
United Kingdom
27. Maria Oniga Medias, Romania
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28. Danuta Watola Kalety, Poland
29. Peggy Acosta Womelsdorf, PA
30. A Vogel London, United
31. nancy sands Brooklyn, NY
32. june bullied Toronto, Canada
33. Jacqueline
Martigny, Switzerland
34. Anne Kirkwood Braden River, FL
35. Alex Poh Singapore, Singapore
36. Pavel Rublev Berezovskij, Russian Federation
Let's save the forest - we save the future. Please save the forest.
37. chris beal Louth, United Kingdom
38. Thomas Catt Mablethorpe, United Kingdom
39. Rajee Seetharam Bangalore, India Pushed to the wall, we can dig coal anytime....pushed to
extinction, we cannot grow instant forests...No Mining please!
40. Manuela Haug Leinzell, Germany
41. VALERIE Disle Saint Leu La Foret, France
We must stop to destroy our forests. We don't mine, there are so many clean energy in the world right now. Animals need the forest to live and to feed. If you destroy the forests, you will also destroy animals.
42. Robert Frank Bossier City, LA
43. Christine Riches West Wickham,
United Kingdom
44. David Moore Bridgeport, CT
45. Claire Sayers Pound Ridge, NY
46. Jo-Ann Harris Laval, Canada
47. Maria Fongaro Verona, Italy
48. Andrea Nemec Osijek, Croatia
49. Michela Messineo Rome, Italy
50. liz casey Pembroke, Canada
51. Marc De Vree Antwerp, Belgium
52. Rolf Karlsson Halmstad, Sweden
53. Russell Reda Bronx, NY Coal is not Clean Energy - Protect the Natural Beauty of
your remaining Forest
54. Gene Sengstake Lincoln, NE Save the trees and initiate human population control - beginning with Sriprakash Jaiswal and working down from the "top" - - -
55. Cindy Collier Yorkshire, United
56. Janalina Randone Hagen, Germany
57. Karina Paller Ljubljana, Slovenia
58. Cynthia Villaume Liverdun, France
59. Heidi Remer Haifa, Israel
60. Beatrice Baxter Ilford, United
61. Natalie Johnston Mellieha, Malta
62. SUE MCGUEY Brampton, Canada
63. Sacred Space Edmonton, Canada
64. Marilyn Martin Rockville, MD
65. Jeannette Austin Diamondhead, MS
66. DORIS LEHR Bayside Hills, NY
67. David C. Sacramento, CA
68. Stella
Bellville, South Africa
69. Toni Clark Kansas City, KS
70. Antonio Mendes
Coimbra, Portugal
71. Jeanette
Malmoe, Sweden
72. Ellen Gutfleisch Lisbon, WI
73. David Neiberger Carmel, CA
74. Sanja Tamarut Rijeka, Croatia
75. Kim O'Connor N. Saanich, Canada
76. Elena Saiko St.paul, Canada
77. Lisa Neste High Point, NC
78. Stephen Greg Scranton, PA
79. Alet Coetzee Mosselbay, South
80. Mac Roseborough Desert Hot Springs,
81. Mary Truelove Martinsville, IN Leave our forests alone, The world needs them not the
dirty coal.
82. annmarie devine Burtonport, Ireland
83. Diana Sinclair Danville, CA Coal is just about the filthiest, most polluting of all the fossil
fuels, and anyone who thinks we still need fossil fuels of
ANY kind just ISN'T thinking very hard! We need every
83. Diana Sinclair Danville, CA
forest we now have, as well as the precious wildlife that
lives there!
84. Ruth McD Redmond, OR
85. Pam Bonaventura Taormina, Italy
86. Frank Gerry Dona Vista, FL
87. Karen Beliveau Montreal, Canada
88. Monica Dance Wellington, New
89. Regina Dickerson Valhermoso Sp, AL
90. Vivien Green Greater London,
United Kingdom
91. Kay
Sax, Germany
92. Linda Marsik Lombard, IL Please use a different way to mine for your coal. The animals and local depend on this forest area
93. Sioux Drabic Adelaide, Australia
94. Norm Conrad Seattle, WA
95. Kye Josmond Australia, Australia
96. Edwin McGrath Albion, PA
97. michael sullivan Lafayette, CA We humans have the responsibility to preserve and protect our forests, NOT destroy them!
98. Penelope Ryan Tucson, AZ
99. Sandy Gilbert Cupertino, CA
100. Jennifer Lucero Eatonton, GA
101. James Howie Scotland., United
102. Colleen Klaum Allentown, PA
103. Barb Knight Candler, NC
104. May Howie Renfrewshire,scotland,
United Kingdom
105. Jess Decristo Bolingbrook, IL
106. Katherine
Miami, FL
107. Gysele van
Washington, DC
108. Alicia Vázquez Madrid, Spain
109. Tammy Cole Belfast, NY
110. Sheri Peck Chattanooga, TN
111. Kathy Chadwell Lafayette, IN
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112. Janine Kaczynski Asharoken, NY
113. Michelle Sibinovic Temple City, CA
114. johnlewis
Perth, Australia
115. Olivia Schlosser Mansfield Center, CT
116. Audrey Wildlife
Non-us, Australia
117. Alice Diane East Amwell, NJ
118. Diane Berings Deurne, Belgium
119. paul block Felixstowe, United
120. ilse Diels Mol, Belgium
121. Nazia Yasmeen wgl, India
122. Penni Norman Des Moines, IA
123. Angel W. Jersey, United
124. Simon Pearson Ocean Shores,
125. Nan Bongiovanni Carlsbad, CA
126. Joseph Bland Leeds, United
127. Gillian Miller Bracknell, United
128. annie statton Somerset, United
129. catherine gaspard Bruxelles, Belgium
130. beatrice de filippis Sana'a, Yemen
131. Allan Booyjzsen Johannesburg, South
132. Trish GEIDEL Findon, Australia STOP Destroying The Forests !!! Every Human needs trees to help us breathe & Animals need them to live in !!! Some Animals only eat the fruit of certain trees; they die of starvation without them !!!
133. Sandra dos
Baltimore, MD
134. Jill Vickerman Western Cape, South
135. Cynthia Thomas Ellijay, GA
136. leanne mcivor Salmon Arm, Canada
137. Neena Sessa South San Francisco,
138. Susan Pernot Cortez, CO India cannot afford to lose its precious forests
139. Denise Plant Johannesburg, South
140. Lidia Baltazar Sabugal, Portugal
141. Bee ZZ Oulu, Finland
142. elizabeth
M.haeme`q, Israel
143. Constance
Los Angeles, CA
144. Dotti Lydon Seattle, WA
145. Aneliese Krulicki Winnipeg, Canada
146. Genoveva
Tucson, AZ
147. Sandra Billingham Birmingham, United
148. Richard Lehr Bayside Hills, NY
149. Rosi Caswell Sherborne, Dorset,
United Kingdom
150. Kathleen
Dana, NC
151. Shelly Smith Jaffrey, NH
152. Merlinka
Sopot, Poland
153. Eva Orta Leiden, Netherlands
154. Ralph Famularo Kumatori-cho,
Sennan-gun, Japan
155. Mariea Gill Medford, OR
156. Scarlett Z. Antofagasta, Chile
157. Rebecca Lynn Mayo Bridgewater, NH It's time we stop raping,pillaging and destroying our planet to obtain resources that are not sustainable in the first place. I believe it's time to start thinking about our planet's future and develop better ways of finding and making replenishable resources.
158. Myraida Diaz San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mr Sriprakasah Jaiswal:
You are not going for the bad but for the worst.Beguining with your diffrerences by castes and ending in your autodestruction.-I supose the money you will get from exterminating forest is for two or three .Because it will not be enough to help your already deprive country survive.Even with the help of the rest of the world (and you know it will not be that way) you will never overcome your wrongdoings. If you persist in committing such king of (continues on next page)
158. Myraida Diaz San Juan, Puerto Rico
atrocities,you will ever be second, third or last in
159. Emma Spurgin Hussey
Truro, United
160. Mustafa Laskar Gaithersburg, MD Have the politicians become slaves of the rich vultures that they do not want to protect the humans, nature, and the earth?
161. Francoise
Stuttgart, Germany
162. Carol Reins Saint Paul, MN Trees are important to all living things.
163. William Ridgeway Scranton, PA
164. NICKY MELVILLE Leongatha, Australia
165. Darlene
Garden City, MI
166. Diane Howie Scotland, United
167. Sharon
Maple Ridge, Canada
168. Darren Tortoise
Dover, United
169. Lisa Salazar Foster City, CA
170. Eileen Mary
Brighton, United
171. Sylvia
Montreal, Canada
172. Jeanette Laing Melbourne, Australia India's unique forests and wildlife need to be preserved, they are your true resource not just for now but for the future. Please use your powers to not destroy them. Please be a world leader in clean renewable energy, use this opportunity for good.
173. Ilonka Schad Da, Germany
174. Gudrun Dennis Gainesville, FL
175. wendy wamser Rockford, MI
176. Lisa Hilyer San Diego, CA Look at the suffering and pollution caused in other countries by allowing money to override sense! Say NO to
coal and YES to forests!
177. Marie Wakefield Newport, OR
178. Cristina Medina Wellington, New
179. Agnes Hall Langwarrin Victoria,
180. Mitch Franks Woonsocket, RI
181. Ness French Gold Coast, Australia
182. Anthony
Ventura, CA
183. Debbie Geno Grover, MO
184. Matloob ul Hasan Dubai, United Arab
185. Michael Carney Runnemede, NJ
186. Shell Stenger Cincinnati, OH
187. Lisa Zarafonetis Dallas, TX
188. Elsie Au Bangkok, Thailand
189. Zee Kallah Phoenix, AZ
190. Klaudio Negric Rijeka, Croatia
191. Paul Hobbs Brighton, United
192. Roy Plant Johannesburg, South
193. Chris McCabe Cambridge, United
194. desanka
Beograd, Serbia And
195. Lyhann
Mexico, Mexico
196. Liquette
197. Krasimira
Stara Zagora,
198. Paraskevi
Athens, Greece
199. Ronni Goddard Mansfield, United
La Salle En
Beaumont, France
201. Bob Conway Niles, MI Do not cut-down these trees. Earth needs MORE trees, not
fewer trees.
202. Markus Jaeger Clausthal-Zellerfeld,
203. Elizabeth Porter Barboursville, VA
204. Esther Lance Dist Darjeeling., India Save our trees!!
205. Karen Vasily Norristown, PA
206. Loreto Vargas Paris, France
207. Deni Hall Flora, IN
208. Vikram Chhabra Shrewsbury, MA
209. Annmari Lundin Casselberry, FL
210. Carla Es Duesseldorf,
211. Lori Kegler San Pedro, CA Our forests are 1 of the few resources protecting us from
extreme climate change. We need MORE TREES, not less!
212. Ann Warman Deltona, FL
213. Abdessalam Diab Giza, Egypt
214. Carol Joan
Eureka Springs, AR
215. Sarah Sahar-khiz Ellicott, MD
216. James Knepp Morrisville, PA
217. James Thrailkill Longmont, CO
218. Maria P Contreras Los Cabos, Mexico
219. Raquel Medina Wellington, New
Piraeus, Greece
221. STEVE KLEIN Montreal, Canada
222. James Mulcare Clarkston, WA
223. Ira Mak Jerusalem, Israel
224. Melanie Yarwood Westminster, MD
225. lynda chabane Nottingham, United
226. Janet Chase Bend, OR Please be an "Arjuna" for the forests...protect them at all costs...even giving up potential money from mining coal (which is polluting for your people) !
227. Paula Baumann Ellwangen, Germany
228. Elisabeth
St. P�lten, Austria
229. Sally McIntyre Evergreen, CO
230. Pamela DS Sydney, Australia Dont go for the quick fix solution, look at long term practises such as clean renewal energy. Trees are the lungs of the Earth.
231. James Walker Janesville, WI
232. Glenn Odagawa Chicago, IL
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233. Ilga Sokolova Sverdlovsk Region,
Russian Federation
234. Susan Sinotte Kelowna, Canada
235. Vanessa Addams Saskatoon, Canada
236. nikki mazen Las Vegas, NV
237. Gillian Lamb Rugby, United
238. Pooch Apache B'kara, Malta
239. SunKat H. Columbus, OH
240. Dianne Hillier London, United
Compassion is the source of happiness in life….Without loving kindness and compassion, there is no peace or happiness in the family, the society, the country, or the world. 'With the Medicine Buddha mantra you can liberate numberless sentient beings from oceans of suffering and
bring them to enlightenment.' - Lama Zopa. Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha BeKanze Radza Samudgate Soha - Lama Zopa Rinpoche
241. Mervi Rantala Tampere, Finland
242. Alan Francisco San Diego, CA
243. Julie Goodman Edmonton, Canada
244. Jennifer Terhune San Luis Obispo, CA
245. patricia murphy Foley, AL
246. ChanTlalok Rain
Edinburg, TX
247. Jennifer Swayze Maple Grove, MN NO GO FOR MINING SRIPRAKASH!!!! we need to
PRESERVE mother earth and these forests!! If you did not
know, trees give us oxygen!
248. Larry Grazier Lexington, TX
249. Pia Mustonen Tampere, Finland
250. philip mcgovern Dublin, Ireland
251. poepiesnoepie k 32, Philippines
252. Ermes Bertolo Almese, Italy
253. Stefani Shepherd Torrance, CA
254. Catherine
Johannesburg, South
Krottendorf, Austria
256. SANDRA ROCHA Oporto, Portugal
257. mariah ferrazi Toledo, Brazil
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Name From Comments
258. Bohm Judith Krefeld, Germany
259. Yvonne Taylor Terre Haute, IN
260. Jackie Ramsden Hertfordshire, United
261. Colin Hope Pretoria, South Africa Mining in forest just don't gell!!
262. Linda Merritt Payson, AZ
263. Sabrina Peducci Gualdo Cattaneo,
264. Gail Lopez Cooper City, FL
265. jacqueline
Powder Springs, GA
266. Sean Child Southampton, United
267. Clare
Plant City, FL

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