Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is Existence?

Good evening dear friends Life is very short.
We all human being are doing good job for our Mother earth but sometime we feel that what is our mission? Why we live? How to live? What is soul? What is the structure of soul? What is existence and co- existence? So I want to say that I know a person A Nagraj ji who saw and experience everything. So I could know that I'm not body (now I believe in this completely) and I'm in the process on understanding.
"Understanding" is very easy but "living after understanding" it takes time. Anyway you can know with the help of this Madhyasth Darshan/ Jeevan Vidya/ Maanav wywhaar Darshan that nothing is mysterious on this existence. Every unit has an order and play a important roll in bigger order. Only we human being, lack of understanding can't live in this earth with harmony other wise in existence everything is in harmony.
One more thing I want to say, you can see the source of all light but do you ever see the source of Darkness? No!.....Like that all negative thoughts/ feelings (sorrow, depression etc) are just information (like darkness having no source) of "Lack of Understanding". In existence no sorrow no depression only happiness, love and respect.
So my dear friends this is only just information. If you want to study this Darshan then link is here...
Here Rakesh ji (Jeevan Vidya follower) putting baba ji's view according to their conversation.(Hindi and English transcription is available).
You can also visit this blog
And this is also very useful site for readers
This is valuable information so I shared with you all my friends.Thanks for being my friend….
Have a nice day!
Roshani (sending love and hugs)

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