Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nation is in deep crisis!!!

It is quite clear that India's trade deficit is largely due to the huge oil, coal and natural gas import bill. Since the government does not seem to be thinking straight at all, we the people need to make some choices in form of cutting down our fuel consumption. 

Presently, the electricity, petrol and LPG are the main fuels being consumed in urban households, this consumption needs to become judicious. Along with that most of us who are on facebook can afford (my estimation) solar powered lighting systems, water heating system and solar cooking systems. This technology is available easily and needs to be adopted immediately.

Voting, slogan shouting, candle marches, wearing black tags, facebook posts (like this one) is not the only power in the hands of the citizens, we can also contribute through judicious proactive measures like right energy utilisation.

Apologies for sounding preachy, but the nation is in deep crisis.

Source-Ashok Kumar Gopala

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