Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Essence of Madhyasth-Darshan

1. Announcement for Awakening of Humankind

Let Live, and Live

2. Wish for Universal-Goodness

May Earth be Heaven, May Humans be Divine
May Dharma Prevail, May Goodness Arise Forever

3. Knowledge from Existential-experience

Infinite material and conscious units of nature are saturated in Space.
All units saturated in (transparent and permeable) space are with structure, attributes, true-nature, and dharma, exhibiting orderliness with its being-ness and participating in holistic-orderliness.

4. Fundamental-Principle of Nature

Forcefulness - Movement - Constitution

5. The Sermon

Know what you Believe,
Believe what you Know.

6. Status of Existence

State-full Nature saturated in Complete Space.

7. Evidence of Knowledge

Evidence of Knowledge is in Experience, Behaviour, and Work.

Knowledge-experience is the ultimate-evidence
Experiential-evidence itself is Understanding
Understanding itself is expressed
Expression of understanding itself is as resolved work and behaviour
Resolved work and behaviour itself is self-realization
Self-realization itself is Awakened-tradition
Awakened-tradition itself is Co-existence

8. Facts of Existence

Space is a Reality; Material-Nature is indestructible.
One pervasive Space; many conscious-entities.
Atma, buddhi, chitt, vritti, and mun are inseparable components of a conscious-entity (jeevan).
Human-being is a combined-expression of jeevan and body.
Space is one; godly-beings are many.
Human-race is one; their works are many.
Earth is one; nation-states are many.
One human-dharma (=happiness) manifests as many resolutions (as many as dimensions of human-living).
Jeevan is immortal; birth and death are events.

9. Reality

Development-Progression – Development-Completion in Coexistence
Awakening-Progression – Awakening-Completion
Expressions of Awakening-Completion, and Tradition of Wisdom

10. Knowledge

Knowledge of jeevan in co-existence
Knowledge of existence in the form of co-existence
Knowledge of humane-conduct
Experience itself is knowledge

11. Outcome of Research


12. Basis of Madhyasth-Darshan Proposition

Existence is coexistence as nature saturated in Space.

13. Proposition of Madhyasth Darshan

Material nature itself is in development-progression. Jeevan is a Development-Completed entity – as constitutionally-complete atom.
Jeevan (conscious-unit) upon awakening realizes undivied-society in human-tradition.
Awakened living with resolution and realizing sociality is human-ness.
Awakened living with awareness and realizing resolution is Godliness.
Humanness is as Integrity
Godliness is as Awareness with Integrity
Divinity is as Spontaneity with Awareness and Integrity
Constitutional-Completeness, Activity-Completeness, and Conduct-Completeness.

14. Truth

Natural-World is as units of nature saturated in space.
Natural-Inclination for Progress and Awakening is Destined.
Destiny for progress and awakening itself is Orderliness in Natural-World.
Human-being in illusion is free while doing actions, and is bound to face results of those illusive actions.
Awakened human-being is free both while doing actions, and in taking outcomes of those awakened actions.

15. Shelter of Humankind

Realization of Undivided-Society and Universal-Orderliness (Coexistence)

16. Orderliness in Humankind


17. Completeness in an Individual


18. Completeness in a Society

Omni-dimensional Resolution

19. Completeness in a Nation-State


20. Completeness in a World (Undivided World)

Unity (Universality) in Humane Culture, Civility, Norms, and Systems

21. Human Dharma

Happiness, Peace, Contentment, and Bliss

22. Basis of Living Principles

Systems for assuring right-use of resources (body, mind, and wealth)

23. Basis of Governing Principles

Systems for assuring conservation of resources (body, mind, and wealth)

24. Steps to Wisdom

Gross to Subtle
Subtle to Causal
Causal to Supreme-cause (Space)

25. Evidences of Awakening

Humankind evidences its awakening in a progressive manner.

Inhuman-ness to Human-ness
Human-ness to Godliness
Godliness to Divineness

26. Joy in Existence

Existence is joyous in all its expressions.

Jeevan – a conscious-entity – is joyous
Progression is joyous
Resolution is joyous
Awakening is joyous
Existential-Experience is joyous

27. Harmony at all levels

Harmony in all four dimensions of living of human-being (Work, Behaviour, Thinking, and Existential-experience).
Harmony in all five statuses of living of human-being (Individual, Family, Society, Nation, and World)
Harmony and Unity in Ten Staged Humane-Orderliness.

28. Ultimate Harmony

Existential-experience in Truth (Freedom from Illusion)

29. Accomplishment

Humankind’s experiencing established-values in coexistence
Resolution, Prosperity, and Universal-Goodness in Human-society
Freedom from illusion, and continuity of awakening

30. Completeness in Education

Value Education through Consciousness Development
Education of Technology

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